Sviatykh Kyryla ta Mefodiia Ave, 19А

About the place

Aikido club "Bushin" was created February 20, 2011. Included in the Eurasia Aikido Organization. We are engaged in Aikido through Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan under the guidance of his disciple Nebi Vural sensei (7th dan) - technical director of Eurasia Aikido Organization. To date, 14 members of our club have black belts, three of them have a 1-dan, seven - the 2nd, two - third and two - 4th Dan; Club students take part in all activities and seminars Eurasia Aikido Organization which are held in different cities of Ukraine. Aikido Club Branch "Bushin" on Shumen array is based on a fitness club "Shape".

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