Zhmachenka St, 14

About the place

Federation - established in Ukraine, students sensei Hiromichi Nagano in 2010 for development and transfer of experience Masters Nagano - personally and through his students practice Aikido. "Aikido Yoshinkan» - a style of Aikido Gozo Shioda, "Nagano Rue" - a school master Nagano.

School Nagano Sensei - a system of specific rules, methods, techniques studying Aikido, which uses a form of training, united around the teacher's personality, his life experience, using the original teaching methods.

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Next to Federation of Aikido Yoshinkan Nagano Ryu on Darnitsa

Sport school

Dogfight in Russia System

3 m. Henerala Zhmachenka St, 14

(067) 826-88-27

Sport section

Aikido club "Neko"

8 m. 14 General Zhmachenko st, Kiev

(093) 699-79-31

Sport Club

Chess club «Good Chess»

138 m. Henerala Zhmachenka St, 10

(068) 795-22-73

Sports complex

Skating rink "Kryzhinka"

198 m. 7 Zhmachenko st, Kyiv

(067) 418-21-47

Sport school

Hockey school Vyacheslav Zavalniuk

207 m. Henerala Zhmachenka St, 7

(067) 231-03-03

Sports complex

Ice Rink "Kryzhynka"

207 m. Henerala Zhmachenka St, 7

(099) 943-05-89

Sport school

Center "Veselad" near the metro station "Darnitsa"

287 m. Mista Shalett St, 1А

(044) 227-94-71

Sport Club

Студія йоги «Yoga club»

334 m. Darnytskyi Blvd, 5

(093) 238-16-16

Sports complex

fitness studio «Fitness line»

334 m. Darnytskyi Blvd, 5

(063) 624-49-20


Victory Park

355 m. General Zhmachenko St, Kуiv