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Thirty kilometers from Kiev, in the village of Buzovaya, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, is located the ethnographic park-museum “Ukrainian village”. This park-museum is a whole complex occupying a rather extensive, but at the same time compact territory, decorated in the traditions of the Ukrainian culture of the XIX century.

"Ukrainian village" is clearly divided into three zones.

The first zone is the church, with the current church of St. Demetrios of Thessalonica. The construction of the entire complex began with this temple. When you get inside the church, you are surprised: outwardly small, it is completely unexpected inside turns out to be high and spacious. Golden walls, iconostasis and window salaries are made of maple - the tree is as solid as metal. Behind the church is a paraphilic school. Located near the grotto of the Icon of the Mother of God "Life-giving source." The icon from the smalt mosaic is simply amazing: wonderful stone carving and facing with natural stone.

The second zone of the complex is the ethnographic museum. The main attractions of the museum are the huts of six historical and cultural regions of Ukraine: Podil, Middle Naddnipryanshchyna, Slobozhanschyna, Polesye, the Carpathians and the South. You can inspect all the old huts outside and inside. And to supplement the effect of "time travel" will help the caretaker of the huts sitting at the entrances, dressed in appropriate costumes.

The Podolskaya hut is very interesting, in which in the hallway under the roof the inventory and tools are stored. Rooms - with bright patterns, vytnankami, symbolizing love, the memory of ancestors. In the red corner of the hut there are icons decorated with towels. Amazing pottery on the shelves. On the benches - homework fixtures and self-woven carpets.

In the hut from the south of Ukraine there is a unique collection of tools for field work. There is a yoke for oxen, scales, a weight collection for weighing. This hut is made of clay, and its walls reach the bottom of a meter width, which creates a special natural microclimate.
Next to the huts there is a kunya, a chicken coop, a drovnik, a shop for storing hay, a bakery, a guralny, a forge, a pottery.

Specialists searched for buildings typical of various regions of Ukraine, dismantled them, brought them under Kiev and rebuilt. All the roofs are new, only the hut under the tile is an exception: it is covered with old authentic ceramics. This museum is not a soulless exhibit, but an ordinary farm living with a population (staff), animals and birds, plants are planted and crops are harvested.

The ethnographic park-museum regularly hosts exhibitions of modern needlewomen and artisans, a variety of ethnic festivals and festivals with the participation of folklore groups, master classes in folk crafts.

For example, those who want to become participants in a master class for homebrewing should pre-register for it, since these lessons are very popular!

Craftsmen working in the forge can also teach their craft.
Near the pottery wheel there is always a queue of children who dream of getting on an individual pottery workshop.

There is also a hotel, a kolyba, a gift shop with various handicrafts made from natural materials. This is the third zone of the ethnocomplex.

In the middle of the territory - a small romantic lake in floating plants and reeds, with fish and ducks. At a depth of one meter swim representatives of four different species of sturgeon. There are many gazebos, benches, tables, houses with barbecues and washstands everywhere, and one gazebo is located almost in the center of the lake.

Specially for children, playgrounds and a small zoo with goats, piglets, sheep, rabbits, and domestic birds are decorated on the territory of the “Ukrainian Village”. Especially children are pleased that you can feed all these animals.

If you do not have your own car, the most convenient way to the “Ukrainian Village” will be by bus from the Kiev metro station “Svyatoshyn”.

It is also one of the most popular places in Kiev for bathing at Epiphany on January 19.

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