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"We do not guarantee that we can bring up to 6 years of football star, but the fact that he would love the sport and will physically fit is 100%." See you in training your «EasyBall». Dear friends! We really want to tell you that the material-technical base of our children's football club allows young athletes to prepare year-round for the best modern methods. In winter, the training take place in a comfortable, warm and well-lit gym. During the summer, will be held the training as well and to open the football ground on the territory of the placement of our club. We would like to point out that the conduct of the training in the gym and on football pitches, is our biggest advantage. Now, many other children's football clubs are based in small closed rooms, but for the education of the player it is very important the correct space. Those children, who are engaged in closed rooms can not develop as required by football standards. So, dear mom and dad, come to the issue of school choice for your child wisely. And we are always glad and ready to help cultivate a true champion.

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