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In the classroom to teach diving professional instructors will teach you all the necessary knowledge and skills, to feel the water is safe and comfortable in any waters. We will teach you the correct scuba diving that you got the pleasure of diving at all depths.

Each subsequent course opens up new opportunities and expanding your horizons and you decide - if you go further in the direction or focus on what is. Each subsequent step - not just increasing the number of dives and meeting new types of dives, new features, abilities, feelings, dreams ...

Diving courses in the diving club «Katran» on the system are PADI.

This system is designed for a wide range of diving training amateur divers in the safest conditions. It is strictly standardized and does not allow for variations in the methods of teaching.

Today the system PADI is the world leader in teaching scuba diving and training professionals makes high demands on the level of training, safety and quality of services provided. PADI certificate are the same for all regions of the world and recognized by other federations.

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