Ihoria Shamo Blvd, 18/2

About the place

UFS Football Club is recruiting children were born in 2009-2014 for playing football and participating in sorevnovaniyah.Prihodi and become part of our close-knit football family! Our mission - physical, spiritual and social development of children through football, for the education of a healthy and successful nation. In our training, we are engaged in football, learn to think quickly, crush solutions, interact as a team. At the age of 5-6 years old children, who are engaged in the UFS achieve good results and delight their parents skilful football skills. The main principles of the school are: individual approach to each child, learning the basics of the art work with the ball and its application in teamwork, leadership training, development of coordination, physical endurance, as well as instill love of sports and football. The main value of our school - the coach who love with their pupils and completely surrender to each training session, for which the children are awarded their own results. Our children take part in various tournaments Futsal Championship in Kiev, as well as in the football championship in Kiev. During the summer, it operates a visiting football camp under the auspices of our club, which draws an interesting and effective training work, learning the intricacies of football, as well as a fun and entertaining leisure time, aimed at team building. UFS - is one big football family!

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Next to "Ukrainian football school» (Ukrainian Football School) in the Dnipro district

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