Sports trip to Barcelona: a tour of the local Wake Park

Sports trip to Barcelona: a tour of the local Wake Park

Greetings to fans of sports and active lifestyles. I visited sunny Barcelona and I have an overview of local wakeboarding parks for you. Chased!

I managed to see 4 wake parks.
The first WakePark Simple Winch is located in the suburbs of Barcelona and is located among residential buildings. In the park there is a small lake where fish are found.

WakePark Simple Winch works mostly in summer, but in November it is not available, despite the temperature of +24 degrees. The cable car in this park is linear. It's cool that even in a small area there are many interesting obstacles for different levels. There is also a shore protection net, observation bridges and a café. Gorgeous place.

The next location is Malamar WakePark. Located right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can go surfing. An artificial pool is made for wakeboarding. There are 6 figures and 2 linear cable cars in the water area. Until April, no one rides here.

Another BCP Barcelona Cable Park has 2 cable cars. The park is located near the Mediterranean Sea. To be honest, the obstacles look a little scary. There is also a power plant, from which, most likely, all the cable cars work. And so BCP Barcelona Cable Park did not particularly impress me.

The last location is OCP Olimpic Cable Park. Here is the only ring road in Barcelona. The perimeter of the cable car is fenced with a huge fence with barbed wire. There are small figures on the site. To see these 4 parks and learn more, watch my video.

By the way, the people of Kiev are very lucky, because they have a sports and entertainment complex XPark, which has cool cable cars with steep obstacles and beautiful scenery.

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