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To start classes, you do not need to have special training, and simulators and machines in the studio will help lose weight.

If you have problems with your back, cervical or motor apparatus, only correct physical exercises will help restore health. The complex of exercises, including elements of Pilates, choreographic combinations, ballet steps, acrobatic and gymnastic skills will help to relax, learn to manage your body, make it light, but at the same time strong and healthy.

Classes in the studio with a personal trainer - a professional who with each workout makes you more graceful, slimmer, fitter, significantly increases self-esteem, attracts the attention of others and helps to become more successful. Valeria offers not just standard physical exercises - each person receives an objective analysis of his body, personal load complexes suitable for him, which are constantly supplemented by complicated elements. Friendly support and professional advice from a trainer is an opportunity to achieve great success in working on yourself, to get ease and flexibility of body movements, concentration of attention, to hear music in reality and in the soul.


Alena Pashchenko

Water aerobics
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Olga Bogdanova

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Daria Belyavaya

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Alenka Marmeladka

Ценовая политика не соответствует качеству, в других студиях проводят более продуктивную тренировку.
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Наталья Розумовская

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