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The dance studio Social Dance Club was founded in 2010 on the basis of the Alma Cubana salsa studio and Zumba fitness. Subsequently, the number of destinations, groups increased, a huge number of parties, thematic and not-so, salsa practices, several salsa tours, as well as a festival in Koblevo were organized.

At the moment, there are several groups in the studio on salsa and bachata, on kizomba, there are groups with constant recruitment for reggaeton, tribal, zumba-fitness, there are electives on female style in salsa and bachata, in the male style.

Opened a branch in Ternopil.

The studio has a single subscription system, which allows customers to attend their favorite classes / electives without having to buy a separate subscription to choose their favorite direction for improving body and soul.

The Social Dance Club team consists of activists, including dancers with choreographic experience, as well as those who love salsa dancing and cannot do without them.

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