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MBK "Nikolaev" - Nikolaev municipal basketball club.

MBK "Nikolaev" - one of the oldest clubs with a 50-year history, the only one of the Super League clubs, which took part in all official country championships.

In 2009, the club took the fifth place in the Ukrainian Basketball Championship.

Many Nikolaev pupils were called or were candidates to the national teams of Ukraine of various ages.

Legends of Nikolaev basketball: Yevgeny Afanasyev. №4. Spartak Nikolaev, Alexander Petrov. №7. NCI Nikolaev, Leonid Shimansky. №4. NKI Nikolaev, Vladimir Latipov. №10. Spartak Nikolaev, Gennady Didrikhs No. 6. Spartak Nikolaev, Yury Rogachev. №13, NCI Nikolaev, Vladimir Polyakh. №15, MBK "Nikolaev" Alexander Chausov. №10, MBK "Nikolaev" Alexander Rayevsky. №5, MBK "Nikolaev"

T-shirts of the last three players are taken out of circulation in the club - hung on the wall in the Nadezhda sports school.

Nowadays young basketball players continue their glorious traditions.

The team is the winner of the 2013 Veneto Cup international tournament in Cherkasy.

[According to the results of the season 2016-2017. the team under the leadership of Sergei Kirlan won the regular season, giving their fans 11 victories, taking off from the Khimik in the playoffs - 0: 2 in the series. On the sum of all matches, MBK "Nikolaev" finished the season in the Super League in seventh place].

In the upcoming MBK Nikolaev season, starting August 1, under the leadership of Sergey Kirlan and Vladimir Polyakh (assistant coach), he is preparing for the 2017-2018 championship, which started on September 30.

Captain Alexey Onufriev, Vladislav Tonchenko, Mikhail Galenko, Denis Ivanov, Denis Bobrov, Anton Musienko remained in the team. In addition to the returning centers Alexander Kushnirov, Konstantin Anikienko, defender Alexander Shostukhi (ex-player of BC Goverla), forwards Denis Noskov (ex-player of Zaporizhia BC), Anton Davidyuk (ex-player of BC Cherkassky Mavpy) , as well as shooting guard Sergey Popov.

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