Dmytrivska St, 39

About the place

The classes in our studio we are based on the ancient knowledge of the classical school of yoga, which revived and adapted for modern man genius scientist of our time Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Yoga asanas Maharishi- is proven scientifically sound method of improving the physical and spiritual health by awakening the body's own. The practice of yoga just helps prepare the body and mind to the technique of transcendental meditation, where you can also learn from our Studio. This is a unique technique for clarity of mind, the disclosure of creativity, lowering effects of stress, improve health.

And the result of regular practice of yoga and transcendental meditation in our studio for each of you will be: perfect body and mind, the optimal level of health and flexibility of the spine, strengthen muscles, increase vitality. Visit the modern Ayurveda Yoga Studio, and you feel, that's what you are looking for and finally found it!

After yoga, you can enjoy fine cuisine healthy vegetarian cafe in Ayurveda, which is located here. Our café will surprise you with reasonable prices and favorable atmosphere.


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