About the place

The purpose of the FAA is to develop the art of Aikido, support and unite all the disparate youth initiatives enthusiasts engaged Aikido in Ukraine and to help young people in the development of creative, cultural and sports initiatives.

Aikido Federation and Ukraine promotes the spread among young people the principles of a healthy lifestyle, seeks to contribute to the development of Aikido organization promotes sports and recreation groups of traditional and non-traditional sports and martial arts related fields.

An important step in creating the FAA became Club - School Aikido "Kimushin" registered with the Ministry of Justice April 8, 1997. Specificity school is unique learning opportunities strict differentiation based on age and physical abilities, as well as the full methodology and methodological support the training process.

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Next to Aikido Federation of Ukraine on Dmytrivska

Sport school

Yoga School Tatiana Danilova

8 m. Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 37 h

(097) 559-24-26

Sport school

School of Dance «Dance Place»

8 m. Dmytrivska St, 39

(098) 155-16-16

Sport school

Wing Chun Kung Fu School • House of Eternal Spring

9 m. st. Dmitrievskaya, 21/39, Kiev

(096) 986-15-09

Sport Club

Kyiv Wrestling Club

9 m.

(096) 233-30-15

Sport Club
Sport Club

Yoga Studio "Ayurveda"

11 m. Dmytrivska St, 39

(066) 410-41-37

Sport Club

Aikido club "Conde" at the Zlatoustovskaia St

117 m. Zolotoustivska St, 34

(050) 638-73-52

Sport Club

Sport Club «Sport-studio»

133 m. Turhenivska St, 45-49

(044) 569-32-97

Sport Club

Fitness club «SportUp»

133 m. Oleksandra Dovzhenka St, 3

(044) 456-05-61

Sport school

School of ballet Alexander and Natalia Donets "Ballet for all."

204 m. 47-49 Zlatoustovskaya St

(066) 144-26-71