Petra Zaporozhtsya St, 5

About the place

The sports complex of the complex was opened on May 9, 2010.
Functionality: The sports base located in the park area includes the main arena, two mini-football grounds (20 x 40 meters in size), an indoor play area, a swimming pool, an administrative building, which includes management rooms, as well as a conference room, a three-story building, which includes a hotel for 20-seat footballers, comfortable lockers, showers for teams, a referee's room, a box for journalists, and also a VIP-box, a gym, a clubhouse of football paraphernalia. There is also a sports restaurant, a fan bar, summer cafes, a parking lot for more than 100 cars, a children's playground and more.
Home arena: The football field is an artificial cover of the fifth generation (dimensions of 105 x 68 meters) costing about 400 000 EURO (of the same type as in "Luzhniki"). The lighting includes six illuminating shafts for five lanterns with a total brightness of 1200 lux, which allows you to give a high-quality television picture during the evening matches. On the football arena there is a modern electronic scoreboard.
Capacity of the stands: The stadium is equipped with 3282 individual chairs for spectators. "Solar tribune" of the central tribunes - 9 sectors - 1512 seats, "Shadow tribune" of the central sectors - 5 sectors - 918 seats. The places behind the gates - 6 sectors for 468 seats on each side (in the amount of 852 seats behind the gate).

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Andrey Hlopyachiy

Гарна реконструкція
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Tanya Smoler

В кафе, чтобы купить кофе,ждали 30 минут
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Віка Вакар

Стадіон, де можна займатися.
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Kedr Korg

Прекрасне місце для відпочинку та спорту.
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Edwin Habble

Отличное место для того чтобы побегать в футбол с друзьями!
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Женя Бондарук

Хорошое поле, правда резинка .
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Сергей Барабан

Хороше місце, де можна відпочити, погуляти з дитиною, смачно і недорого поїсти.
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Natalia T

Гарне поле, є місця для глядачів але незручні туалети і неприбрані. І незручно купляти чай , каву : треба йти в бар. З цілою командою це незручно, краще автомат поставити для напоїв. Роздягальні для спортсменів по зручностям не дуже(( . Немає де помити руки, чи яблуко і т д
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