Panasa Myrnoho St, 24

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Sports club "Youth" was founded in 1996. Taekwondo WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). Olympic sport. Competitions are held in full contact in protective equipment. Unlike other martial arts, the main focus is on jobs feet (about 70% of the arsenal actions).

The club is a member of the Federation of Taekwondo WTF Kiev. Athletes regularly participate in competitions at various levels (championships Kyiv, Ukraine, various international tournaments).

Athletes who entered the Kiev team have the opportunity to travel to the competition by the city sports committee and served fitness clinic. Children have the opportunity to rest in a summer sports camp.

Athletes successfully master program have the opportunity to increase their level of qualification (certification at different levels belts are held twice a year).

Athletes who participate in competitions, sports category assigned in accordance with the unified sports classification.

During the work of the Club prepared 22 candidates for master of sports, 1 master of sports of Ukraine. Athletes of the club repeatedly became winners of the championship of Ukraine, and five athletes became champions of Ukraine. 20 athletes were tested for black belts and Dan 2 2 dan.

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