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Start Tennis Program, based on the program of the International Tennis Federation Tennis10s, allows you to create a healthy development structure for players 10 and under with three levels of colorful tennis.

Red, Orange and Green level tennis

With these levels of a system of step that allows players to progress according to their age, ability, confidence and a guide to the competition. In the process of improving change the size of the court, the length of the racket, ball speed and duration of draws until the player is ready to go to court using a standard yellow balls.

This program allows children to quickly start playing tennis and feel more confident, because:

The children quickly master the techniques of the game and start to play tennis;

Coaches teach children to play tennis rather than a separate set of skills;

Players have the motivation to stay in tennis, so that they can play and improve.

The most important - is that the program allows young and inexperienced players to quickly acquire the skills to develop tactical thinking, and still start playing competitive matches.

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