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Aikido will help you improve your health, increase stamina, coordination of movements and strength.

Aikido exercises significantly increase the vitality of the body, which will allow you to never get sick and feel full of energy, regardless of age.

Being engaged in aikido, you achieve inner harmony of soul and body. You will be able to take a fresh look at yourself, at the world around you and fill your life with new colors and impressions.

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Next to Aikikai Aikido Club "Fujiyama"

Sport school

School of cheerleading and modern dance Golden Ladies

332 m. ulitsa Anatoliya Lupynosa

(093) 613-77-78


Cherkasy central city pool

360 m. 78, Smilyanskaya St

(047) 233-18-49

Sport school

Traditional Karate School "Okinawa" to Blahovisna

414 m. Blahovisna St, 170

(067) 966-06-03

Sport Club

Sports club «AmbrosCrossFight»

414 m. Blahovisna St, 170

(063) 651-06-03

Sport school

School of Martial Arts "White Swan"

416 m. Blahovisna St, 170

(063) 505-03-82


Stadium "Central"

419 m. Smilyans'ka St, 76

(047) 245-21-93

Sport Club

Chess Club "Debut"

427 m. 170, Blagoveshna St

Sport Club

Fitness studio «FitMix»

428 m. Nebesnoi Sotni St, 69

(063) 635-60-90

Sport Club

TSK "Pearls"

497 m. Smilyans'ka St, 33

(093) 279-69-87

Sport section

Yoga section on Shevchenko Boulevard

584 m. Shevchenka Blvd, 389

(050) 158-54-08