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Classes are held in the building of the Institute of Law (7th Corps) of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (AIDP).

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по их просьбе по всему району разместили рекламу краской на асфальте! Чему могут научить тренера, которые поощряют хулиганство?

Next to Sportswear section judo IAPM

Sport Club

Kiev self-defense Center (KSDC) on Frometivska

Frometivska St, 2

(067) 214-18-58

Sport school

Kickboxing Club at MAUP

0 m. building 6, 2 Frometovskaya st., Kyiv

(093) 931-81-81

Sport Club

"NipponKempo" on Demeevskaya

3 m. Frometovskaya St, 2

(095) 132-07-07

Sport section

Judo Sports Section on Demiivska

144 m. The University IAPM, str. Frometivska, 2, building 7 - Institute of law, Kiev, Ukraine, Metro Demiivska

(093) 363-63-33

Sport Club

Sports club «CoR LeoniS»

156 m. Frometivska St, 2к6

(063) 988-00-40

Sport Club

Fitness club "ERIX" near the metro station "Demievskaya"

220 m. Lobanovskyi Ave, 119

(044) 383-21-72

Sport Club

Studio personal fitness Svetlana Fus

224 m. Lobanovskyi Ave, 150Г

(068) 849-61-99

Sport Club

All Stars Boxing Club

255 m. Lobanovskyi Ave, 119

(097) 841-84-94

Sport Club

Fitness Rehab Center

274 m. Valeriia Lobanovskoho St, 150A

(073) 043-11-53

Sports complex

IAPM football arena

391 m. 17 Volodymyr Brozhko St

(073) 070-71-11