The University IAPM, str. Frometivska, 2, building 7 - Institute of law, Kiev, Ukraine, Metro Demiivska

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Classes for children (two age groups) and adults.

Gorbokon Anna Petrovna - trainer, master of sports in judo.

Gorbokon Igor Petrovich - trainer, international master of sports in judo, international master of sports in sambo.

In the training program:
- the technique of classical judo; study of various schools of judo;
- official certification for the assignment of belts (CJ) judo;
- participation in district, city, all-Ukrainian competitions and tournaments;
- summer fees for judo;
- increase in general physical training (acrobatics, elements of choreography, stretching, plastic), passing standards.
Individual lessons, competitions. The set is held all year round.


Tuesday 17:30 (younger children group), 18:30 (children group), 19:30 (adult group)

Thursday 17:30 (younger children group), 18:30 (children group), 19:30 (adult group)

Saturday 10:00 (younger children group), 11:00 (children group), 12:00 (adult group)

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