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The roots of the style observed in the last 250 years and dates back to the Southern Shaolin monastery. While the monastery remained steadfast, despite numerous attacks from the ruling dynasty Manchzhu.

The monastery was taught classical martial arts, learning which, after 15-20 years, produced a perfect warrior. The need for faster training of soldiers led five lushyh masters of China, to meet and discuss the merits of each Steele Kung Fu.

They chose the most effective methods, theories and principles from a variety of styles and continued to develop a training program that would allow men to cook in 5-7 years. Before the program was implemented, Southern Monastery was captured and destroyed.

Lonely nun Ng Mui was the only one left alive who knew the complete system. She wandered through the villages until not met a young girl orphan and not taught her system. Woman named Yimm wines - Chun (translated as Eternal Spring), and together they have continued to hone combat system.

Style was pronesena years later and eventually became known as Wing - Chun, in honor of secrecy around osnovatelnitsy.Zavesa art was finally lifted in early 1950, when Patriarch Ip Man style began to openly teach in Hong Kong and his students began to gain knowledge about one of the best-known styles.

They had to feel in his street fights and "friendly" competitions. Art become even more popular when one of the students - Bruce Lee, began to show him around the world.

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Next to Wing Chun Kung Fu School "Palm of Eternal Spring"

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