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Since September 2015 by 2 instructors settlers from Donetsk was launched School of Traditional Karate "Okinawa", which has already expanded 3 times Cherkasy Oblast Ukraine Karate Federation (FTKU).

More than 60 young karatekas beginners (including children of immigrants) aged 3 to 14 years in a short time, united and showed impressive results: The main purpose of the School "Okinawa" is the involvement of adults and children to professional sports, healthy way life, raising the image of traditional karate as a sport in Cherkassy, ​​representing the city at regional competitions, national and international scale, creating an exciting and spectacular celebration of sport.

Branch School Street Blahovisna located in the City House of Culture. I.Kulyka (intersection with the street. O.Dashkevycha, a former tobacco factory).

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