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Pole Dance in Cherkasy

The pole dance develops plasticity, improves stretching and coordination, puts a huge strain on the muscles, gives rise to excitement and incredibly improves self-esteem.

Dmitry Politov - the founder of the first in Cherkassy and region dance and acrobatics schools on the pylon, world-renowned artist and instructor in pole dance and pole acrobatic, multiple champion of Ukraine, Europe and the world in pole dance in 2012 duets, semi-finalist "Ukraine Got Talent" for 5 and 6 seasons.

Our directions:

1. Pole dance - the direction of sports, where the main emphasis is placed on the physical data and the complexity of stunt elements.

2. Exotic pole dance - elements of choreography, plastics, musicality near the pylon and on it.

3. Stretching is a system of exercises, the main purpose of which is stretching the ligaments and muscles, as well as increasing body flexibility with and without the help of a pylon.


1. Children (from the age of 7):

- newbies

- continuing

2. Adults (age not limited):

- newbies

- continuing

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