Zakhysnykiv Ukrainy Slreet, 17

About the place

The club of martial arts Yavara is located at the address Chernigov, Odintsova street 17. There are three halls in the club, two of them have tatami mats on the floor, a wooden platform and a linoleum on the floor. All rooms are equipped with various equipment for sports, there are mirrors, forced ventilation system.

The club has three dressing rooms, shower with hot water, toilet, there is also a small gym, in the near future there will be a massage room. Studied areas: judo, sambo, fitness, dancing. All coaches have diplomas in physical education, as well as are qualified specialists in their sports.

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Oleksii Gorbunov

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Anton Sikun

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Татьяна Грищенко

Хорошее место для детей и взрослых, кто любит спорт и танци. Здесь можно посещать занятия по дзюдо, самбо, а также заниматься фитнесом и танцами. Тренера очень хорошие, мои дети ходят на занятия с удовольствием.
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Olga Harlan

Очень уютные залы и хорошие тренера!
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Алексей Ниженко

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Сергій Мозолев

Цікавий клуб
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