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Kick-jazz training includes technical and tactical training, a fight in a party, a stand; shock technique hands, legs, knees, and development of physical qualities.

The section also studies knife fights, firearms and tactics, psychology, because we are part of the military sports club "Northern Corps".

Since the kick-jits mixed martial arts, athletes successfully advocate for such rules as boxing, kickboxing, MMA, hand-to-hand combat ... Thanks to such a system, we study the advantages and disadvantages of martial arts in practice, choosing the most effective way of self-defense without weapons.

We develop comprehensively, without stopping on one primitive technique and limited techniques in the rules of the competition, thus forming the individual properties of each person, not eliminating the student in the absence of one or another physical qualities.

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вулиця Мстиславська, 25, Чернігів, Чернігівська область, 14039

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