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In chess club chess set 26 tables, modern equipment, including wireless electronic sensor board with figures and a live broadcast of the game online.

Chess - a great trainer for the brain, which greatly increases his intellectual abilities.

Playing Chess significant and multifaceted, it is noted by many prominent figures over the centuries. Chess played prominent politicians, philosophers and scientists, they admired writers, artists and musicians. It is noteworthy that in the game of chess is simultaneous and synchronous operation of two hemispheres of the brain, harmonious development which is the main benefit of chess.

During class chess is an active development as a logical and abstract thinking. In work includes left brain responsible for logical components, building competent and consistent chain is equally important and the work of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for the design and creation of possible situations. Mnemycheskye processes also intensively used in chess, the player uses both long and memory, using visual, digital, color stymulnuyu information.

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