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Of city Federation of Wrestling - a school close fight with great experience and expertise, as well as the famous coaching staff, which includes champions region, Ukraine, Europe and the world and masters of sports and masters of sports candidates who have black belts. This suggests that Krivorozhskaya Federation is preparing a serious athletes who reach the sport results.

President of the federation of city dogfight is Alexander V. Fishchenko.

Director of city Federation of Wrestling - Ukraine coach in close combat, International Judge, a black belt and chevertoho this close combat and karate Anatoly Voloshin.

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Next to Krivoy Rog Hand-to-Hand Federation

Sport section


424 m. Pushkina St, 48К

(097) 270-60-08

Sport section

Mixed Martial Arts Section (MMA)

937 m. Vakhtanhova St, 6A

(067) 917-36-12

Sport school

Dance School "Flower Power"

996 m. Almazna St, 29

(063) 707-58-26

Sport section

"Yoga Studio"

1,07 km. Svyato-Mykolayivsʹka St, 65А

(097) 270-60-08

Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

1,09 km. Poshtovyi Ave, 35Б

(097) 839-64-56

Sport Club

Sorority kettlebell fitness «LynX»

1,10 km. Vyzvolennya Square, 2

(067) 562-08-07

Sport Club

Chess club ДЮСШ №3

1,16 km. prospekt Karla Marksa, 23

(098) 505-03-23

Sport school

Yoga school «SAT NAM»

1,35 km. Kharytonova St, 1А

(067) 285-30-81

Sports federation

IC "Judo-Dnepr" on Rocket

1,56 km. Raketna St, 1K

(067) 258-49-42

Sport Club

Fitness club «Forest»

1,57 km. Raketna St, 2Б

(056) 490-38-38