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Rivne Regional Center for Physical Health of the Population "Sport for All" was created by the order of the Head of Rivne Regional State Administration № 602 from 03.12.2003, and by the decision of Rivne Regional Council № 1095 of 10.10.2008 was renamed into a municipal institution "Regional Center for Physical Health of the Population" "Sport for All" Rivne Regional Council.

In 2018, more than 340,000 participants are involved in various sports events. According to the rating of the WCSF “Sport for all”, during 2012-2017 the institution has the first place in the results of outreach, and in 2017 it became the best in conducting sports events.

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Максим Петренчук

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Next to Municipal Establishment "Regional Center of Physical Health of the Population" Sport for All "of the Rivne Regional Council

Sport Club

Master Training Control

45 m. Slovats'koho St, 4-6

(050) 771-32-97

Sport Club


51 m. Slovats'koho St, 4-6

(094) 966-02-33

Sport school

Children's and Youth Sport School №1, Rivne

137 m. Symona Petlyury St, 26

(067) 762-52-64

Sport section

Olympus Teen Club

211 m. 8, Myru Ave

Sport Club

Wrestling club «Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rivne Team»

212 m. Symona Petlyury St, 1

(097) 166-44-63

Sport school

Rivne Regional School of Disabled People

217 m. 5, Poshtova St., Rivne

(036) 263-43-82

Sport Club

Pilates Professional Studio

242 m. Peresopnyts'ka St, 8-10

Sport section

Olympia Teen Club

258 m. 4, Myru Ave

Sport Club

Manhattan Fitness Club

296 m. Soborna St, 112

(036) 245-09-99