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PAINTBALL is a very active, dynamic, exciting and exciting team game representing an improvised battle with the use of pneumatic paintball weapons, which until recently was for many an elite sport, available only for the select. Now paintball is a favorite entertainment for many of us, and for some, a sport without which they cannot live. Paintball is completely safe and provides absolute protection in terms of role actions. The best reason to come together on paintball: birthday, bachelor party, corporate party, February 23, and just a day off in nature!

The main types of paintball

Every day paintball is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. For those who are only thinking of taking “weapons” in their hands, we present three main types of this exciting game:

Entertaining paintball - several teams participate in it. The goal of the game is to perform various tasks that are provided in advance by the organizers.

The place for battles can be either a forest or a special field, as well as various “unfinished buildings”. This is a great way to have fun and actively spend your free time.

Corporate paintball is also quite popular. Recently, this species has gained immense popularity among the employees of large companies. Company executives began to practice it as a way of entertainment for their employees on weekends or during holidays.

Scenario, or tactical paintball is a kind of game in which everyone acts according to a certain plan to achieve a strategic objective. Scenarios can be different - from playing pirates or bandits to portraying military events.

The benefits of the game "paintball"

Paintball does not require special training. In this game, simple and clear rules, everyone can play it, who are allowed to exercise since 10 years of age. The game is held on the street and is associated with activity, which has a positive effect on the motor and respiratory apparatus. Paintball especially attracts with its military-adventure orientation and, moreover, it gives an opportunity to throw out its aggression and relieve a lot of stress.

Paintball is an excellent tool for uniting team members and reveals one hundred percent leaders. Large companies use this method to select groups to work in a corporate environment.

Another feature of paintball that makes it stand out among others is full democracy. The marker - the weapon used in this game establishes equality for all - for the banker, for the student, and for the diplomat. When at all camouflage masks, the difference between social and material status is erased

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Виктор Артамонов

Отмечали день рождения сына в пейнтклубе с группой учеников- кадетов. Ребята очень довольны. Персонал профессиональный и приветливый. Отлично организовали соревнования и досуг ребят. Предоставили мангал, беседку, батут, тарзанку ... Большое спасибо.
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Елена К

Очень приятные цены , хорошие хозяева, человеческие отношения!
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Александр Рыбальченко

Стрельба, дрифт на Электро байках, тарзанки, батуты, всё это здесь есть!!! Очень круто!!!!! А также есть зона для проведения застольных мероприятий))))
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Костянтин Махно

Постріляли на славу. Гарний відпочинок з друзями. Для тих хто любить екстрим рекомендую!!!
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Gebels Ahnenerbe

Грав у пейнтбол вперше, дуже сподобалося, жаль тіки що надворі холодно і маска швидко запотіває...
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Богдан Пономаренко

Были большой компанией и с детьми. Спасибо! Батуты для детей. Электромобили для детей и взрослых. Лазерные бои. Ну и конечно пейнтбол. Всё на высшем уровне!Всему персоналу спасибо, ждите нас снова! :)
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Супер місце для активного відпочинку і розваг, любителям влучно постріляти!
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