Pryluzhna St, 6

About the place

Club Aikido School "shack" exists since 1999. Practicing the smallest children and even adults.


- Preparatory group 4-6 years.

- The average group 6-10 years.

- Next group of 11 years.

Aims and objectives of our trainings:

- Study of the philosophy of Aikido, etiquette and rules of conduct in the dojo (hall).

- to learn to respect teachers and friends. Interactions with other students. Independence.

- Teach responsible attitude to work in training.

- Health promotion (muscular, respiratory, etc.). Improvement of the vestibular apparatus.

- create and develop such skills: perseverance, self-control, discipline, diligence, intelligence, communication skills, ability to cooperate.

Training equipment and techniques in Aikido (insurance skills in the fall, the ability to work with a partner, working with enthusiasm, shock technology. Working with guns - bokken, jo, tanto).

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