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The main task of KMSVSM is to:
- implementation of the state policy in the field of physical culture and sports
- formation of students of the school of national consciousness, active public position;
- popularization of physical culture and sports among the population of Kyiv and Ukraine;
- training of athletes of the highest sports categories - members of the national teams of the cities of Kyiv and Ukraine in the Olympic sports, which have development in KMSVSM.

According to the decision of the Kyiv City Council of Workers' Deputies No. 1925 of November 2, 1979, the Kyiv City School of Higher Sporting Skills was opened.

The Kyiv City School of Higher Sporting Skills is an extracurricular educational institution based on the communal property of the Kyiv City Territorial Community and subordinate directly to the General Directorate for Family, Youth and Sports of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration). - educational institutions, societies, clubs, foundations, labor collectives and individual citizens of Ukraine.

The first Olympic Games of Independent Ukraine in Atlanta (USA) in 1996 were attended by seven athletes from four schools. And the medals didn't last long. They were conquered by the famous freestyle wrestlers in the weight category up to 62kg Yelbrus Tadeev and in the category up to 68kg Zaza Zazirov were bronze awards.

In 2000, eight athletes from five sports won schools at the 27 Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) - Evgeny Buslovich won silver medal in 58kg category, judoist Mashurenko won bronze in the category up to 90kg.

In 2004, 24 school athletes from eight sports took part in the 28 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, which won seven awards. The second Olympic medal was won by the outstanding wrestler of the present in the free wrestling in the weight category up to 66 kg Yelbrus Tedeyev - a gold award. In the history of freestyle wrestling, he is the only wrestler to win three World Championships in different weight categories.

In the 100m hurdles with a new national record and third in the history of athletics in this discipline, which led to a silver award, Elena Krasovska was awarded. Also silver awards were won by Roman Gontuh wrestling judo weighing up to 81 kg, Rodion Luca, Georgy Leonchuk sailing in the 49er yacht class, Anna Kalinina and Ruslana Taran sailing in the Inling yacht class.

In 2008, 15 students from five sports participated in the 29 Olympic Games in Beijing (China). The bronze medal of the election was Roman Gontuh in the weight category up to 81 kg.

In 2012, 12 people from 6 sports participated in the 30 Olympic Games in London. Bronze awards in the national team of Ukraine in the running - 4x100m relay won by Bryzgin Elizabeth, Stuy Christina, Olga countryman.


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Проведена огромная работа по реконструкции, шикарное место, с газонами, воркаутом, детской площадкой.

Viktor Petrenko

Большой хороший спортивный манеж.
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George Director

Отличный, просторный манеж. Особенно после реконструкции. Здесь прошли успешно множество соревнований не только по легкой атлетике но и единаборствам.
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Дмитро Яблоновський

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Дмитрий Клименко

О спорт - ты мир! Здесь все. И трудовые будни, и накал соперничества. И шквал эмоций... Вся жизнь!
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Виталий Опанасюк

Легендарный киевский манеж. Место силы легкоатлетов
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Volodymyr Menzyuk

Хороше місце для проведення масштабних змагань
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Оленка Петролай

Дуже сподобалося що доріжки з підйомом)
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Гала Чай

Хороший был манеж, теперь после нападения вандалов , не знаю отремонтировали его или нет.
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Olga Ustimenko

Були з донькою на танцювальному конкурсі. Все сподобалось. Багато вільного простору. Можна спокійно переміщуватись
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Serge Petrenko

Great place to run.
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Уго Чавес

more heat could be better, rest is perfect
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Денис Бахтияров

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