Stepana Bandera Ave., office 415, (near Pochain), Kyiv

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The Cossack Knight School is an organization based on folk Cossack pedagogy, which involves the development of personality in three vectors: physical, mental and spiritual.
The Cossack Knight School School's curriculum includes the following areas:
The Hopak Art of Fighting is a Cossack martial arts revival of dance, giving you the opportunity to both recover and improve your physical fitness and to win competitions at various levels.
The Hopak art show is a study of the most striking elements of the Hopak battle dance and their demonstration at festivals of different levels, both in Ukraine and abroad. The program includes the study of Cossack songs, playing musical instruments and the possession of ancient Cossack weapons.
Boat trips on the Dnieper are hiking on a real Cossack kayak that gives you the opportunity to learn maritime skills, see the picturesque views of the banks of the Dnieper and join the Cossack training on the Dnieper islands.
Horseback Riding - Includes systematic outdoor horse training, learning the elements of horse racing and equestrian art.

 Local Studies - Weekend trips to historic Cossack sites, visits to museums and historical monuments.
Lecture lessons - the educational process of the students of the School, which includes theoretical lessons and lectures on the history of Ukraine, the history of the Cossacks, their rituals, customs, traditions and more.
Cossack Fortress Children's Camp - for the continuous upbringing of children and young people during the summer holidays, the Cossack Knights School holds an annual Cossack Fortress children's camp in various parts of Ukraine. The camp program includes horseback riding, archery, boating-steering, hiking, and much more that lasts a year.

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