st. Vyshgorodska, 85, Kyiv

About the place

About Us
Our database contains:

* 7 walking horses
* 30 ponies of various stripes
* 4 draft horses
* Carriage phaeton, pony chaise
Our services:

* We suggest you have a great time outdoors while riding horses, not only for you but also for your children. Horse riding will be interesting not only for riders with experience, but also for beginners. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can learn to ride horses in a few lessons. And after five classes, nothing can kick you out of the saddle!
* If you want to buy a horse, we will gladly help you with the purchase, we also sell horses prepared for riding, both for adults and for children.
* We work on trips on order: corporate parties, weddings, birthdays.
* For children’s holidays, we will bring you a pony of your choice, a small cart with a pair of harnessed horses or a cart with one horse according to your desire, we will decorate the crew and give your child a holiday.
* We provide horse rental services in the country at the place indicated by you. (Delivery is carried out by us, for each horse we provide one instructor).
* Also you can order a carriage, phaeton, crew.
* We sell ponies of various stripes (we have suits of horses - the only ones in Ukraine.
* At your request, we will bring you a horse, a pony, a dog, a carriage from abroad (we have experience working on order, everything is legal with documents)
* Do you want Frieze, Shire, Falabela call us !!!

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