About the place

Horting - the birth of a mixed type edynoborstv Ukraine, a complex system of physical training that focused on the development and improvement of technical skills bitsya and includes a full range of percussion techniques of hands and feet, wrestling equipment in the rack and in the pit.

With us you can:

- to learn self-defense;

- improve physical fitness;

- build a career (formal assignment of sports titles).

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Next to Horting Club "ALPHA" on Honhadze, 20 v

Sport Club

Rapid Ball Junior High School

3 m. 20 Gongadze Ave., Kiev

(063) 566-93-19

Sports federation

Kiev branch of the Federation of Karate Shito-Ryu Gongadze

233 m. Heorhiya Honhadze Ave, 32Е

(093) 762-35-21

Sport Club

Club at the place of residence "Romantic"

305 m. 20Е Georgy Gongadze Ave

(067) 274-12-33

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Puncher Boxing Club

320 m. Vasily Porik Avenue, 5A, Kiev

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Sport Club

Fitness club "AtletiKo" Vynohradari

324 m. prospekt Heorhiya Honhadze, 20

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Fitness club "Эndorfin"

326 m. V.Poryka Ave, 9

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Sport Club

Club at the place of residence "Leader"

339 m. 32G Georgy Gongadze Avе

(044) 227-14-00

Sport Club

Horting Club Sapsan

375 m. Pravdy Ave, 84

(067) 465-73-26

Sport Club

Club residence "temp"

404 m. Heorhiya Honhadze Ave, 18Б

(097) 269-33-59

Sport section

Section Indigo Fitness Gongadze

404 m. Heorhiya Honhadze Ave, 18Б

(093) 411-64-22