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"Shito-Ryu style of karate created Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952). He is one of the main and oldest styles of karate. Compared with Shotokan, Shito-Ryu little closer to the old Okinawan styles that can be seen when comparing the Okinawan kata and modern Japanese styles.

Shito-ryu kata includes all 18 Serine-ryu, all 16 Serey-ryu kata, kata Chinese-style "White Crane". Also in this style include kata, designed by master Mabuni. During training rozuchuyutsya following kata: Pinan 1-5, Bassan-Dai (Passau) Bassan-se, Hodzyusiho (Useysi) Kosokun-dai (Kusyanku) Sotina, Tinto, Tinta, Niseysi (Nidzyusiho) Matsukadze, Unsu, Santin, Tensho, Saif, Seyentin, Seypay, Seysan, Suparimpey other, but only in style, there are 50 kata, more than any other. "

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Next to Kiev branch of the Federation of Karate Shito-Ryu Gongadze

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Club at the place of residence "Leader"

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Rapid Ball Junior High School

229 m. 20 Gongadze Ave., Kiev

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Horting Club "ALPHA" on Honhadze, 20 v

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Dance "Big Break" in the husbandmen

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Puncher Boxing Club

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Club at the place of residence "Vinogradar"

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Fitness club "Эndorfin"

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Club at the place of residence "Romantic"

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Fitness club "AtletiKo" Vynohradari

546 m. prospekt Heorhiya Honhadze, 20

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Horting Club Sapsan

577 m. Pravdy Ave, 84

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