Heroiv Pratsi St, 20В

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Official representation AA Kadochnikova in Ukraine is recruiting in a training group of unarmed combat. The main purpose of martial arts - the preservation of health and life in extreme conditions. In training, he worked through the fight as a weapon, and without it, the individual and the group.

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Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

172 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 14

(057) 764-56-22

Sports complex

Fitness club "pheromone" on Heroes of Labor

177 m. Heroyiv Pratsi Street, 14

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Sport Club

Jiu-Jitsu Association of Ukraine. Kharkov

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"Yoga Lite" on Heroes of Labor

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Sport section

Branch of kickboxing and taekwondo KDYUSSH №2

220 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 12В

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Sport school

Children and youth sports school №2 (Kharkov)

234 m. Heroes of Labor Street, 12B, Kharkiv

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Club of sports ball dance "Lisabond"

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Fitness club "Malibu" on Heroes of Labor

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Sport school
Sports federation

Ukrainian Federation Aikibudo on Heroes of Labor

438 m. Heroiv Pratsi St, 24В

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