Arabatskaya Strelka, Genicheskaya Gorka (Sea of Azov, near the town of Genichesk), Kherson region


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Спробувати кайтсерфінг

Не впевнений, що кайт - твоє покликання? Почни з малого. Відчуєш атмосферу та можеш продовжити, якщо вставляє
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Повний курс кайтсерфінгу

Повне занурення в спорт. Ти впевнено і безпечно катаєшся, і повністю самостійний на воді. В результаті ти - самостійний кайтер та знайшов купу нових друзів
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About the place

The station and kite-spot is located on the Azov Sea. Arabatka, near the city of Genichesk.

Every day we are in nature, in a beautiful place where there are more migratory birds than people. Outside the window is a clean beach and a beautiful sea. At the station, we create an atmosphere of comfort for guests and kiters, not just for school and equipment.


Take a week off, family and friends, and come to the station. There are European conditions for training, recreation, remote work and you can have a great mini-vacation. You will need 7 - 10 days to complete a full course and learn to ride confidently. At the station there is a kite-school with equipment, positively charged instructors who will guide you through the whole course and turn you into a cool rider.


The station provides everything you need for a comfortable gurney. Clean, cleaned beach, compressor for inflating kites. There is where to hang a trapeze dry, take a shower right on the beach and safely leave the gear for the night. Spacious chill-out with ottomans and a canopy from the sun overlooking the sea. You can drink the right coffee in the morning, eat a burger in the afternoon and drink a cold mojito after skiing.


Finally, you can take your non-riding wives, children and friends with you to the kite. They will be comfortable while you're at sea. In the afternoon, they will help you with kites and spend time on the beach and lounge. Yes, and most well fall down in the shade on the pillows and discuss with friends the last cleaning. And in the evenings, the hearth is going to the company to talk, drink Hershey and dine fish barbecue. For a good forecast for the weekend comes a big company of kiters with DJs and good mood


The station has Wi-Fi and Internet access. Lounge and electricity allows you to work remotely and do not drop out of work processes when necessary. Breaks in the forecast are not terrible, and you can effectively combine kiterfing and work.

How to get there
The station is here. You have two options:

night train
by car or blablacar
We have created an atmospheric station of the European sample on the spacious beach of the Azov Sea. Here are going to and ride nice people who love sports, parties and lively communication. #riderswelcome!

Facilities at the station
The station has all the conditions for life. Station services included in the package:

Sofas in the shade by the sea
Bar and Bartender
Sockets, charging
Roof for seeing off sunsets
Atmospheric playlist
Equipment store
Desalination for kites and gidrik
Mat for folding kites
Repair kites and lines *
Equipment rental *
Kitchen with stove and dishes
BBQ and firewood
When not blowing
You are not alone, and at the station there are always:

bar and bartender who can tell everything
beach volleyball court and pro trainer
horizontal bar and TRX
SUP sapov hire
car rental
yoga in the morning
sunsets on the roof
Next to the station the following activities are available for which we collect companies:

hot springs, where excellent otkisnut evening, after the gurney
salt lake, one to one "Dead Sea"
water park (rather go to children)
excursion on a boat to Turquoise Island


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Spot Guide

Ми запрошуємо відвідати станцію та залишити своє враження на нашій сторінці. Станція завжди працює з 1 травня до 1 жовтня #riderswelcome

Next to Spot Guide kite station Arabat spit #riderswelcome

Sport school

Kite school "Wind-Extreme" Genichesk

13 m. Naberezhna Street

(067) 554-55-56

Sport school

Kite School in Arabatka

53 m. Arabat Spit

(050) 933-40-80

Sport Club

Sports club "LEGION"

2,65 km. Miska St, 6

(063) 655-52-42

Sport Club

Fitness club "Iron Gym"

2,66 km. Tsentral'na St, 27

(050) 802-69-73

Sport school

Кайт центры Wind-Extreme

3,84 km. Ukraine, Genichesk

(978) 752-35-36

Sport Club

Sport Club "REZHIM"

4,32 km. Brativ Kovalenkiv St, 56

(095) 481-21-12

Sport section

Full Power - Kite, WindSurf, KiteSurf, SUP Center, Training and Rental

8,02 km. 28/1, Naberezhna st., Genicka Girka

(099) 291-22-72