295-yi Khersons'koi Strilets'koi Dyvizii St, 21

About the place

If you want to solve health problems and increase vitality, to look at life from a different angle and make it brighter and more interesting? Then you are at in our center practiced holistic approach to physical and spiritual development.

The school has existed since 1991. Yoga Center was marked by the Embassy of India in Ukraine for its contribution to strengthening the friendship between India and Ukraine. Since the founding of the UN International Day of Yoga (2015 g) yoga center "Insight" is the official organizer of the Embassy of India in Ukraine on the International Day of Yoga in Nikolaev.

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Next to Yoga Center "Insight" in Suvorov district

Sport Club

Fitness club «Maximum»

203 m. Ushakova Ave, 36

(055) 249-92-13

Sport Club

Gym "Favorite"

432 m. Ushakova Ave, 49

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Sport Club

Aikido Club "Kensai" on the 1-sha Tekstylna

568 m. 1-a Tekstyl'na Street

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Aikido Club "Kensai" on the Mozolevskoho

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Center "Lotus and Lily"

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Fitness club "Olimp" on Peace

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Sports club «X-Life»

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Sport Club

Martial arts club "tanren" on Center

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Spartak Stadium

888 m. Perekopska St, 9

Sport Club

Fitness club "Dominant Lux»

902 m. Ushakova Ave, 35А

(095) 341-21-12

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