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Research and Development Center of martial arts, qigong and aikido "Lotus and Lily" invites you to Aikido classes to children, youth groups and adults. The purpose of our organization is the development and popularization of martial arts, the formation of a physically healthy, spiritually rich and morally pure generation of children and youth. Pupils of our center are certified by a document issued by the Japan Aikido Association. We work directly with international organizations, and is a member Yufukan Japan Foundation and the Global Fund Aikikai Foundation. Our center regularly attends and teaches our students the Japanese master Takashi Kuroki, who is the official representative of Iaido Nishio style in Ukraine, President Yufukan of Ukraine, winner of the 5 given Iaido (style: Nishio-ryu Toho Iai Musosinden Ryu Iai and Shoichi Iai), 5 given Aikido. We organize trips our students to seminars. During the summer, the center organizes a rest on the sea for practicing our children and adults. Classes of each group held three times a week. Before certification may be additional training.

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