Sobornosti Ave, 7-B

About the place

FC «FootyBall» - the founder of the learning and development of preschool children in the Ukraine through football. Football school «FootyBall» work according to European standards: they have a cozy and positive atmosphere, quality service, love and attention to each client.

Halls «FootyBall» equipped according to all safety standards, coated and inventory from foreign producers, carefully selected furniture and sophisticated design.

«FootyBall» - a physical, social and psychological development of your child from an early age.

In coaching staff «FootyBall» Football is licensed and certified Red Cross. The entire staff of medical books and has held regular medical examinations.

All training in «FootyBall» are controlled by two coaches at the same time. This allows your child to pay maximum attention and ensure its safety.

The training program «FootyBall» developed based on European methods of development and education of preschool children through football, which have no analogues in Ukraine.

In «FootyBall» provided the final certification and homework. This allows you to raise a child responsibility and awaken a desire to succeed.

Much attention in «FootyBall» given to the development of a child care, discipline, skill, coordination, communication skills, friendliness, ability to interact in a team.

«FootyBall» - is the active development of your child, 3 football school in Kiev, outdoor training in the football arena, learning English in an entertaining way! We are trusted by more than 2,000 families!

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