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for beginners and advanced lovers and children
We invite everyone to play badminton in Kiev!

Our hall is located on the territory of the Comfort Town in the Academy A +.

Individual practice and sparring.

for cheerfulness and mood all day!
We invite like-minded people to play badminton in the mornings on weekdays from 7: 30-9: 00
It is useful and a lot of pleasure ...
Many people do not even realize how interesting and complex badminton is. Everyone is accustomed to, that this is a simple entertainment in nature or in the backyard of the house. At the amateur level, it's really enough just to try to keep the shuttle in the air, but to win, professionals have to show cunning, flexibility, endurance, perfect coordination, remarkable strength and agility, the ability to develop high speed and conduct rapid attacks for a rather long period of time.

We guarantee that you will leave the gym satisfied!

Come to an individual lesson with an experienced trainer.
And what does it give?
The lesson provides you with the right technique for playing badminton.
You get a reliable sparring partner.
You are provided with theoretical information about the badminton technique that is most suitable for you.
Individual training is ideal for those who first came to this sport and wants to get high-quality training.
Also, individual training will suit you if you come later to your partners and you want to reach the same level as your colleagues.
Sign up for individual badminton classes with us at Academy A + and get a great opportunity to learn how to play at a decent level.

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