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Freestyle football - the art of possession football, with various body parts. Because this street sport rich variety of styles.

We offer innovative teaching methods for future professional players and fristayleriv. Improve individual technique and vision of football, hold tournaments panel - Football (1x1). Teach individual, group and team tactical action.

Our trainers - experienced professionals who are both known football fristayleramy in Ukraine and abroad.

Art Freestyle is unique:

- The revolutionary methodology. The form of the educational process aimed at comprehensive development of the athlete, namely psychology, body balance, coordination, speed, ball control.

 Individual approach. A personalized training program, based on baseline testing and personal wishes of the child.

The number of children in the group does not exceed 12.

- interest. Training - is not only a serious face and shouts coach, but very interesting and fun pastime with friends. We provide not force, and interest and motivate children to work.

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