About the place

"Malibu" - is not just a fitness club in the standard sense.

"Malibu" - a friendship reliable partnership, personal development, family values ​​and of course, the maximum set of sports services! We change people's lives, making sport accessible to everyone.

We change people's lives by making their own business and a sport accessible to everyone.

The first fitness club network opened in 2003. Today "Malibu" - a fitness club 23 in all regions of Kharkov and 4 cities of Ukraine. Network Director - Dmitry Black.

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Next to Fitnеss Club "Malybu" on Pryluzhna

Sport school

Studio «BabyMiss» squirrel

173 m. Akademika Yefremova St, 21А

(093) 419-31-76

Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Mykoly Ushakova

270 m. Mykoly Ushakova St,12-A

(050) 368-38-15

Sport school

School sports on Ushakov

276 m. Mykoly Ushakova St, 12А

(097) 696-76-76

Sport Club

Table tennis club "Akademik"

339 m. Irpinska St, 76

(067) 288-22-97

Sport Club

Sport Club «Dii»

361 m. Irpinska St, 76

(044) 332-32-05

Sport Club

Football Academy of Early Development "Farr" on Irpen

363 m. Irpinska St, 76

(067) 408-80-76

Sport Club

Basketball club "Hizhaki" squirrel

368 m. Mykoly Ushakova St, 12

(044) 361-96-18

Sport Club


378 m. Mykoly Ushakova St, 1В

(097) 607-73-93

Sport Club

Sports club "Olympus-1"

402 m. Kyrylivska St, 116А

(063) 818-13-94

Sports complex

Sport Club «Olymp»

406 m. Irpinska St, 71

(066) 366-99-29

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