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Fitness center «Gym-Planet»: 500 sq. of bright emotions Gym-Planet - a modern fitness center, open from health care for citizens and guests of the city.

In its walls we combined various fitness trends, new techniques and authoring software training simulators and modern international standards of service.

A spacious gym with high ceilings consists of several areas:

- zone for cardio;

- areas of strength training;

- functional areas for processing all muscle groups.

The room is set sufficient number of trainers that you do not queued even at full load. Modern ventilation system ensures a constant flow of fresh air, so to engage in the gym comfortably.

The fitness center «Gym-Planet» you will meet like-minded people for whom beauty and health of your body - a priority.

Experienced trainers instruct each client, show how to do the exercises, a personalized training program.

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