About the place

Fitness City - a sports club area 600kv.m., Best place to put himself in perfect physical shape in a comfortable environment.

Arriving at our sports club, you completely forget about the problems and concerns of the outside world. You will meet polite and sympathetic staff. The main task of our sports club staff - to provide our customers with ideal conditions for training. You rozchynitsya in oduhotvoryayuschey and invigorating atmosphere that prevails in the gym.

We offer comfortable spacious room with a comfortable air-conditioned, modern equipment, pleasant music, the atmosphere of success that will support and guide you to your goal. Knowing the target audience of the club we can choose the necessary and sufficient number of trainers. Fitness City - a powerful arsenal for strength and fitness training, cardio functional, and free weights, weight trainers and various fitness equipment to handle all the necessary muscle groups.

Particular attention is paid Fitness City team personal, group and individual training programs in general and food regime and a healthy lifestyle of our visitors. The team of highly professional our club will help you achieve the results to which you aspire, energetic, fast, and most importantly - with a positive attitude!

We create the most comfortable stay in the club, because a healthy lifestyle has long been an inherent part of successful people.

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