Drahomanova St, 10V

About the place

Network halls Shogun sports corporation has three types of rooms under the brand SFC.

SHOGUN FIGHT CENTER - is a special rooms for martial arts. The focus martial arts such as karate, aikido kickboxing, Thai boxing and MMA.

SHOGUN FAMILY CLUB - this room, which in addition to martial arts you can find such classes as fitness, yoga, Pilates, acrobatics etc.

SCHOOL FIGHT CLUB - is the school hall, where there are sections of karate and other martial arts.

Type of activity and room - your choice!

Our task is to do everything to bring the sport not only benefits, but also satisfaction and results!

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Next to Sports club "Shogun" on Drahomanova

Sport school

Center "Veselad" on Poznyaky

Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 10В

(044) 227-94-71

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Sports club "Asama" on Drahomanova

39 m. Drahomanova St, 10V

(067) 525-37-49

Sports federation

Kyiv Motorcycle Federation

114 m. 16 Akhmatova St

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Sport Club

Kids Club "Young Engineer"

208 m. Oleny Pchilky St, 3А

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227 m. 5А Petra Grigorenko Ave

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Sport Club

Sports club "Plastun" on Poznyaky

227 m. Petra Hryhorenka Ave, 5А

(097) 588-70-09

Sport Club

Favorit Pole Dance Studio

227 m. Petra Hryhorenka Ave, 5А

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Sport Club

Fitness club "Fitness city"

227 m. Petra Hryhorenka Ave, 5A

(097) 588-70-09

Sport Club

Dance Studio "Flashback"

236 m. Drahomanova St, 6A

(073) 048-96-18

Sport Club

Studio dance and fitness "New Art" on Oleny Pchilky

301 m. Oleny Pchilky St, 5

(093) 840-11-99