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Lifestyle sedentary modern man, since most jobs involve sitting job. As a result, the body does not feel the constant need load becomes less nimble and agile, and the livelihoods of all organs and systems - increasingly sluggish. In response to this challenge, many people view professional sports classes, giving the clubs their children and their organisms draining large loads professional sports. Recognize yourself? But it is not so!

Ironically, this view of the first professional athletes compete. They know exactly what pull heavy loads and perform standard or win first place at all costs, kill the organism is not worse than radiation. Then you probably ask, why play sports? To answer this question and Badminton Federation was created in Ivano-Frankivsk.

We believe that sports deal still needed, but the first place to ask not to achieve some sports awards and achieving health and harmonious development of the organism as a goal. Therefore, our training very different from the usual training in sports clubs or sections.

First - a personal approach to each athlete. Secondly - no overloads and injuries. Some disciplines taught proper breathing, its development and coordination of body movements. A lot of attention is paid to the joints, the development of their functionality. We study the tactics of interaction with the Partner on the example of badminton. Also taking part in competitions is not mandatory.

If these goals coincide with your welcome to us for training!

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