Heroiv Stalinhrada St, 12Н

About the place

The studio guarantees choreographic classes at a high professional level: classes for children and adults, giving educational material in an accessible and developing form, taking into account individual abilities, group and individual lessons author's programs and teaching methods general health promotion, help everyone to reveal their talents training for internal disciplines, concert performances, participation in competitions-festivals in Ukraine and other countries creative and friendly atmosphere

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Next to Ballet Studio Irina Melnichuk on Heroiv Stalinhrada

Sport Club

Aikido club "Conde" on Heroiv Stalinhradu Ave

Heroiv Stalinhradu Ave, 12Н

(096) 257-04-43

Sports yard

Volleyball court + sports ground

110 m. 75 Obolonska Naberezhna St, Kyiv

Sports yard

Volleyball court "Victory" (Obolon)

175 m. Obolonska Naberezhnaya Street, Kyiv


Rope park on Obolonskaya embankment

188 m. ave. G. Stalingrad, 14V, Kiev

(095) 393-65-55

Sport Club

Studio «Advance» Contemporary Dance

227 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 14Б

(066) 569-30-63

Sport Club

Fitness club "Aventurin"

270 m. Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 21/38, Kyiv

(067) 242-62-62

Sport Club

Fitness club "Aventurine gym"

276 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 21/38

(098) 023-99-19

Sport Club

MalibuFit Obolon

323 m. 16V Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave

(063) 516-23-13

Sport Club

Sports club "Form Style" 12H

328 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 12H

(044) 426-82-84

Sport Club

Sports club "Form Style"

329 m. Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 14G, Kiev

(044) 426-17-51