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As you know, computer video game competitions arose thanks to Quake. It was in it that you could play on the network. However, the first esports league was registered only three years later, in 1997, in the United States.

Ukraine went to its Federation for four years. At first, in 1999, a public organization was created. In 2003, the Federation was registered with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, as well as with the Ministry of Justice. Already in 2004, Ukrainians received their Federation of Computer Sports. And immediately announced themselves at the International World Championship on computer games: Electronic Sports World Cup (FRANCE), having won 14th place in the overall team classification among 58 countries.

2005 was the year of the creation of the Ukrainian Cyber ​​Professional League (UCPL, UCPL - Ukrainian Cyber ​​Professional League), which took upon itself the organization and holding of tournaments in Ukraine. As a result, now tournaments under the auspices of the FCCU are held regularly, at a high level and with the participation of players from the countries of the former USSR: Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan. In addition, the League contributed to the popularization of computer sports and technology in the country.

It took another four years, thanks to exhibitions of digital and IT technologies, qualifying tournaments and show matches, not only gamers believed in the prospects of Ukrainian e-sports. 2010 was proclaimed the Year of eSports in Ukraine. In addition, it was this year that the players from the Na`Vi team (“Born to Win”) forced the whole world to applaud our gamers three times, winning the World Cyber ​​Cup

And two years later, in 2012, the National Computer Games Tournament was held.

2013 will also be remembered by fans of eSports. The national team for computer games takes 3rd place at the World Championship Counter-Strike: GO at the annual tournament: Electronic Sports World Cup in November. And in November, at the general meeting of the World Federation of Computer Sports (IeSF) in Bucharest, Ukraine became the 51st full member of the federation. And as early as next year, gamers will come to Kiev to attend the World eSports Championship.


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