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I started my career in Karate in the 80s when I was in school. It was interesting for me and the teenager to come to training in nameless "underground" halls, as this sport was prohibited in the USSR.

My students and students of my students constantly take prizes in the championships and cups of Ukraine, Europe and the World.

My task: to teach the intricacies of Karate to win on the tatami, along with sports skills to convey the philosophy, organization and spirit of this ancient martial art, which will help boys and girls in the future to cope with life's challenges.


Индивидуальные тренеровки для подготовки к соревнованиям и лучшего понимания особенностей техники Каратэ
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Профессионально построен трренеровочный процесс, отлично владеет техникой и грамотно объясняет и обосновывает ее особенности.

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