Mykhailivska Street, 3

About the place

The Zhytomyr Regional Choreographic Art Center was founded in November 2005.

The principal aims of the centre are:

• to encourage development of choreographic art in the Zhytomyr region;
• to create favorable conditions for training professional choreographers for regional institutions;
• to revive and increase choreographic art on the basis of folk traditions of the country;
• to discover talented young people in choreography from all over Zhytomyr region;
• to preserve national customs, to develop cultural and intellectual potential and to create positive artistic image of the Zhytomyr region;
• to coordinate the artists' efforts for the development of choreographic art;
• to propagate choreographic education, to encourage process of upbringing and esthetic education in general education schools and art institutions;
• to create conditions for moral and professional growth of young artistic people.

Director of Choreographic Art Center – Olena Guzun-Ruban-Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine.

Head of the Centre – Mykhailo Guzun, ballet master – Tetyana Guzun – People’s Artists of Ukraine, Honorary citizens of Zhytomyr, professors, Ivan Ogienko prize winners.

To achieve its main aims, the Choreographic Art Center organizes numerous concerts, festivals, holidays, competitions, conferences, seminars and concert tours. Besides, the Centre establishes and maintains the relationships with foreign state and public organizations, participates in national and international festivals and concert tours abroad. In addition, together with other cultural institutions and public organizations, the Centre is the founder of art clubs, the main principals of which is to broaden and increase popularity of dancing and develop choreographic culture in the region.

On 12/26/2013 Sonechko Folk Dance Company of Zhytomyr Regional Choreographic Art Center was awarded the title of Academic Folk Dance Company by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.


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