About the place

We assist our clients the purchase power to be healthy and

happy, developing the habit of conscious exercise, eat right and develop their personal potential. We are creating a community of healthy and happy women carrying healthy life their loved ones. We make this world beautiful, turning the gift of God to be


FitCurves training - training for women is designed by experts with all the features of the female body. Therefore fitness for women in our clubs efficient and secure. And our exclusive program of diet and weight management helps women lose weight without dieting and stress. We care about you and are responsible for your results!

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Next to Women's fitness club "FitCurves" in Vinnitsa

Sport Club

Fitness club «Fit-Life»

322 m. Akademika Yushchenka St, 10

(093) 993-45-73

Sport school

Dance Studio «New Stream»

358 m. Akademika Yushchenka St, 10

(097) 536-63-75

Sport school

Studio modern dance "Art Fusion" on Dachnaya

397 m. Dachnaya St, 7

(097) 225-31-81

Sport Club

FitnessClub "Atom"

410 m. 30 Rokiv Peremohy St, 9

(063) 468-21-23

Sport Club

Sports club «Fitness House»

465 m. Akademika Yushchenka St, 6

(098) 578-02-02

Sport school

Dance Studio SHARM-S

724 m. Zodchykh St, 5

(063) 035-36-51

Sport school

Training Center "Future" on Architects

791 m. Architects St, 12

(093) 425-44-40

Sport Club

24 Fit Club

835 m. Zodchykh St, 3

(067) 375-32-57

Sport Club

Тенисный корт "Сет-Гейм"

969 m. Vyshnevyi Lane, 32

(098) 085-33-83

Sport Club

Fitnes club "Next Level"

983 m. 600-Richchya St, 25

(068) 754-23-10